COTS Training - Ronnie Inglis

Ronnie Ingis, for what of better words, Is a more mature operative that started with DWG back in June 2021. Having worked in the scaffolding industry for some time. Ronnie sat the course and said he learnt so much from it he was surprised.

‘I can’t believe how much knowledge I had gained from sitting the course with Ian. They say you can’t teach an old dogs new tricks! But I learnt a lot. I am happy labouring for scaffolders at this stage of my career and Ian has given me the confidence to pass my knowledge onto the less experienced guys I work with’. – Ronnie Ingis

Keith – Project manager for Building Ten at the prestigious Woolwich Arsenal development added it was an honour to hand Ronnie his certs and added ‘ Ronnie is a real hard worker, and I am delighted that DWG are investing in people regardless of their age or experience’.