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Over 35 of industry experience. We have the know-how you need.

Founded in 2012, DWG have organically become one of the leading Scaffolding & Bricklaying contractors in the South East.  Initially founded as a family business by David and Diane Gadd, DWG have successfully combined progressive methods with expert knowledge whilst keeping our family ethos as a core,  which is evident being 75% of our work is a result of repeat business.  


Our Commercial Director Christopher Thornton joined us in 2013 and has worked alongside David for the best part of 30 years, however all DWG Directors bring forth a combined wealth of knowledge of over 100 years within the industry.


With the support of the DWG family, we are progressing from strength to strength and find ourselves in strong position to embrace the next decade.

- David Gadd, Group Managing Director

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We are continually looking to expand our team, please head over to our careers page for more information!