COTS Training - Joshua Hill

Joshua Hill is a friend of a friend of Ian Redpath. After working many years in the ground works industry, he made contact with Ian and explored opportunities within the DWG family.

Ian explained to Josh that he would have to undertake a Health and Safety test for him to be allowed to site. He achieved this and explained the situation to Bal Bhelay - Project Manager of Redrow homes Maidstone who fully supported the DWG programme of training. Subsequently Josh attended a COTS course at DWG head office and passed with a 100% mark. Bal Bhelay had expressed to SHEQ Manager Ian Redpath his excitement for the training delivery programme. Bal also presented Josh with his certs. DWG cannot thank enough, Redrow – Bal, for his support and continuous feed back on how Josh is doing on site. Josh only started with DWG at the end of January and is making leaps and bounds in his development.