Work Experience

Lillie Ashby

"First of all, I would like to thank DWG scaffolding for this opportunity. I started my day by driving to various sites such as Carlton House Terrace and taking pictures for the DWG website. The next job we visited was Kilburn Park Road and I took some more photos. I also visited Gresham Street and Tavern Quay to take photos. Throughout the day I also helped the foreman Lee and wrote down details of the men that rang up for a job. After we finished visiting the jobs I went to the yard and met all the work colleagues. I then sat down with Francesca and picked out the photos to put on the website. We picked some pictures and uploaded them onto the website and wrote up a description about the job. I had a very good day and appreciate all the help and friendliness of the colleagues. Thank you DWG scaffolding for this opportunity again".


Lillie Ashby, 12 years old

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