Bricklaying Apprenticeships

At DWG we are committed to the future of our industry and have a great apprenticeship scheme for bricklayers. We partner with local colleges adjacent to our larger projects and work with these institutions to help provide apprenticeships/work placements.

In 2015, we actively searched for 2 apprentices to join our workforce on our site in Isleworth. We contacted a local college in Richmond who put forward several candidates for a work placement. After their initial work experience placement, Cain & Reece were offered a formal apprenticeship with DWG because they demonstrated a commitment to their studies and job as well as a real interest in Bricklaying.

Scaffolding Apprenticeships

Our apprentice training programme provides real opportunities to begin a lifelong career of full-time work in a rewarding job with excellent future prospects. This is a block-release course with some time spent away at one of CITB's training centres and supervised work on site. Their progress is regularly assessed by the CITB who report accordingly. After two years, the successful candidate becomes a competent scaffolder and receives a CISRS NVQ2 scaffold card (with the opportunity to later progress to achieve the CISRS NVQ3 advanced card).

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Our Apprentices

Name: Jordan

Course: Scaffolding

Apprenticeship Level: P1 & P2

“I joined DWG in 2013 when I had no experience in the trade. Since my time on here, I have completed my Part 1 and Part 2 courses, which DWG have paid for. I have my final assessment in July this year."

Jordan’s future plans include: “In the next few years, I hope to complete my Advanced course. I would not have achieved this without the help of DWG."

Name: Cain

Course: Bricklaying Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship College: Richmond College

“I have learnt new methods of how to construct walls as well as new safety policies that are important to be aware of when working on site.”

Cain’s future plans include: “progressing in my building career and continuing to work with DWG Brickwork.”

Name: Reece

Course: Bricklaying

Apprenticeship College: Richmond College

"Gaining hands-on experience with DWG Brickwork has been incredibly valuable. There are so many skills you can develop when completing an apprenticeship which you wouldn’t necessarily learn from studying alone and this is something the industry recognises.”

Reece’s future plans include: “continuing to work alongside the excellent management at DWG Brickwork to gain better experience."

Name: Will

Course: Scaffolding Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Level: P1 & P2

“When I joined DWG back in June 2014, I had no experience in scaffolding at all. Working alongside good management and scaffolders, I have completed my Part 1 scaffolding course." Will's future plans include: “Working towards a Part 2 qualification."

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